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All games are $25/ participant.

Games are booked by appointment. You can book a game by clicking Book Now. 

No one under the age of 13 will be admitted without an adult.

All games have a one-hour time limit.

Walk-ins welcome if available.

The Casino Heist

You and your team have infiltrated the Blue Winds Casino in the hopes of successfully looting $3.1 million from the casino vault. The guards have been distracted. The security cameras have been hacked. You can move invisibly throughout the casino. Not all of the security measures have been disabled, so tread carefully and don't bring attention to yourselves. Your team member estimates one hour before the hack is discovered and the guards are alerted. Can you pull off the impossible?







Haunted Funeral Parlor

The Coffee Creek funeral director, Will U. Solvit, went missing decades ago and authorities still have no leads. Since the untimely disappearance of Mr. Solvit, the Coffee Creek Funeral Home has fallen into disrepair. It is haunted by the ghosts of Mr. Solvit and his murderer. The ghosts are unable to communicate directly with the living. Instead, the ghost of Mr. Solvit's murderer has left devious puzzles to taunt investigators, while Mr. Solvit has left clues to help avenge his death. So far, police have been unable to identify the murderer. Skeptical of your claim that you will make any progress, the police have begrudgingly allowed you one hour of access to the crime scene. Can you figure out who killed Mr. Solvit in time?



The Abandoned Schoolhouse

You and your friends have heard that your old high school is being demolished. This place held so many memories for your group, so you all have decided to take one last trip down memory lane through the halls that strengthened your friendships. Unfortunately, no one bothered to prop open the door and you are now trapped. You have only an hour before demolition crews begin to tear down the building with you inside. Unless, of course, you can find a way out of the schoolhouse before deconstruction occurs. Time is ticking away.

* Note: this is a re-branding of "The Last Day of School". Some puzzles have changed and some remain as they were.



Difficulty:  TBD

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