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Our Games
All games are $25/ participant.*
Games are booked by appointment. You can book a game by clicking Book Now. 
No one under the age of 13 will be admitted without an adult.
All games have a one-hour time limit.
Game times are predetermined. APPOINMENT NEEDED.

*Due to all games being private, there will now be a minimum of 4 participants.

If you have less than 4, the cost will be that of 4 participants


Version 2.png

The Casino Heist 2.0

You and your team have infiltrated the Blue Winds Casino in the hopes of successfully looting $5.9 million from the casino vault. The guards have been distracted. The security cameras have been hacked. You can move invisibly throughout the casino. Not all of the security measures have been disabled, so tread carefully and don't bring attention to yourselves. Your team member estimates one hour before the hack is discovered and the guards are alerted. Can you pull off the impossible?






Murder House

A serial killer has been terrorizing the majestic Dunes of Indiana. You and your group of sleuths think you may have found the killer. You have made your way into the suspect's home in an attempt to gather enough evidence to put him behind bars for life and end this nightmare. You have one hour before the killer returns. If he does, it may be the end for all of you. (WARNING: This game may contain bright flashing lights and/or imagery that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Please inform gamemaster before hand and we may be able to disable.)


Murder House.png


That 90s Room.png


That 90s Room

You and your friends have scored tickets to the upcoming Grunge Fest. However, your older brother also has tickets. In fear that you will cramp his style or ruin his time, he has stolen and hidden your tickets in the basement hangout. You and your friends must find your tickets to the summer's biggest concert before the bus leaves. PARTY ON GARTH!


Difficulty:  TBD

Name, Title

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